The Dementia Society
This is a passion project that I did for my Design Systems class. It is personal to me because my grandmother had Alzheimer's disease and I want to create something that brought Alzheimer's awareness. I chose the Dementia Society as my client. They provide you with information, how to handle this disease, research, programs and services. 


Mind Mapping

Book & Advertising Concept Sketches

Logo Concept Sketches

Redesign Logo & Advertising
The original logo needed a redesign to fit the book and advertising. The redesign is a combination of a brain, brain waves and society. To go with the new logo the typeface that was used Platelet OT, it shared similar characteristics to the redesign with the stroke width and curves. For the advertising the poster and web banners reflect the book. It shows the illustration, title, brief description and link to the Dementia Society website.

Old Logo (Above) & Redesign Logo (Below)

Final Illustration

Typefaces Used

Colours Used


Web Banners

Carmen Book
The book Carmen is unique, not only is it read in reverse but it gives the reader insight into the mind of someone who is going through this disease. The pages are made of vellum, when the pages are on top of each other they give this fogged effect and the content becomes blurry. As you go through the book the portrait of Carmen disappears, the same way a person's memory is when they have Alzheimer's. At the end the book shows the new logo and the Dementia Society website.

Book Mockup

Book Pages
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