Ottawa International Animation Festival GuideĀ 
In this assignment we had to make a festival guide for the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Create a poster illustration, choose the colours, pick the font and have a proper layout for the information that was provided.

Inspiration Board

Festival Guide Rough Layout

Colour & Layout
The layout had to be consistent, all info about each event was in the left while the image and screen time was on the right. Trying to keep the space clean. Yellow and red were the main colours, have few colours made it more appealing.

Colours & Font

Final Illustration

The illustration was inspired by street artists, bright colours and crazy expressions. I thought a tiger would be a great animal choice, showing off it's stripes and teeth. Considering previous guides that the festival went with were bright coloured and crazy characters I wanted to continue that.

Festival Guide Front - Poster

Festival Guide Back - Information

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